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Once in the timeline of Planet Earth a spaceship with a crew of alien Rabbbits crash landed. ...

Welcome to Ron English's DELUSIONVILLE.

This is Ron English's magnum opus, a subversive rock opera, featuring Ronnnie Rabbbit, and a surreal cast of characters.

Buzzards, pigs, sheep, turtles, ducks, wolves, and the “rabbbits” who are caught in the middle of all the insanity that is Delusionville.

Greetings from Delusionville is a deluxe oversized hardcover coffee table book, 11 by 14 inches; 256 full-color pages with over 100 images set with lyrics.

Delusionville tells the story of a society that formed as different animals fell down a rabbit hole and created a world with their own mythologies, religion, and politics.

It is an opera in three acts:

Act One – Introduces all of the characters in Delusionville and brings into question the nature of their society and their various places in the social order.

Act Two – The animals get riled up about the economic disparity and social injustice in their previously unquestioned world of delusion.

Act Three – A very unusual take on revolution.


Hardcover ∙ Full Color ˙ 256 pages ˙ 14˝ x 11˝ Landscape

Last Gasp ∙ ISBN 978-0-86719-889-8 ∙ December 2021

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Trim size
14" x 11"
Hardcover, Sewn Binding
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Last Gasp of San Francisco
Release Date
Feb 15, 2022
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1500 copies
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Greetings From Delusionville - Ron English Hardcover Pre-Order

0 ratings