Extra Good Stuff by Dennis P. Eichhorn

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Awardwinning author Dennis Eichhorn is back with a new collection of autobiographical comix!

For Extra Good Stuff Eichhorn has enlisted the best comic artists of our time to illustrate stories that are improbable, hilarious, and shockingly honest.

Featured stories and artists:

• "In the Beginning" by Ivan Brunetti

• "It’s Good to be the King" by Tom Van Deusen

• "Big Ben" by Michael Arnold

• "Spud Scout Soliloquy" by Gerald Jablonski

• "Up Against It" by Aaron Lange

• "The Mormon Factor" by Dame Darcy

• "What Next?" by R.L. Crabb

• "Grunge Father" by Pat Moriarity and David Collier

• "Boarding Party" by Colin Upton

• "Taxi Driver" by Max Clotfelter

• "Rest Stop" by J.R. Williams

• "Gold Dust Twins" by Noah Van Sciver

• "Phone Sex" by David Lasky

• "The Geratric Comic" by David Collier

• "Pinch Me!" by Michael Arnold

• "The Biggest Unit" by Sean Hurley

• "The Cartoonist Who Loved Me" by Ashleigh Talbot

• "The Roadside" by Stan W. Shaw

Product specs


Author: Dennis P. Eichhorn

Publisher: Last Gasp

Page count: 64 pages

Trim size: 10.5 x 8.5

ISBN-13: 978-0-86719-817-1

Binding: Softcover

Content: Black and white illustrations throughout

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Extra Good Stuff by Dennis P. Eichhorn

0 ratings
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