Hello My Big Big Honey

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Hello My Big Big Honey

Last Gasp
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Love Letters to Bangkok Bar Girls and Their Revealing Interviews

A collection of love letters from all over the world, to ladies of the night working in bars on Bangkok's famous Patpong Road.

Plus revealing, in-depth interviews with the women who receive them.

an intimate portrait of Bangkok's red-light district...
-- Time Magazine

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A never-before-told expose of the love lives of Bangkok's bar girls and the foreigners who rent them -- confessed in their own words.

Why are some men obsessed with Thai prostitutes? Can money buy true love? How does romance blossom amid the harsh streets? Do bar girls marry their customers?

Hello My Big Big Honey! delves beyond the neon, glitz, hype and tragedy of Bangkok's red-lit nights and discovers a world of loneliness, desperation and -- sometimes -- love.

Veteran reporters Richard Ehrlich and Dave Walker unfold a tale of love and lust in Bangkok's notorious red-light district. These interviews and correspondence with prostitutes and their patrons draw an intimate and touching portrait amidst the blaring lights and pounding music of Bangkok.


...Thai women seem passive, but are capable of fighting back...wives back home are rarely understanding.
-- London's News of the World Sunday Magazine

...a Freudian whirlpool of sexual fantasies and frustration...damaged egos and haunting super-egos...love and cold calculation...cross-cultural mayhem.
 -- Far Eastern Economic Review

...delivers exactly what the title describes...discloses more about the complex nature of these encounters than 10 academic treatises. 
 -- Lonely Planet Guide to Thailand

...loneliness, despair and delusion...For many men, these dangerous Thai liaisons are no laughing matter. They become obsessed...
 -- The South China Morning Post

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