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Art of the Mandala e-Book

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Art of the Mandala e-Book

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A collection of over 50 mandala paintings by Henry Sultan.

Colorful and varied, these mandalas range in style from abstract geometric forms to visual narratives. In his work, Sultan explores color and shape, presenting square, circular, and diamond mandalas in every conceivable hue. The detailed paintings allow the viewer to meditate and marvel at the universal geometry that makes the mandala an important spiritual art form.

Three sections of work are covered in this volume: geometric mandalas, figurative mandalas, and “landscape of the mind” mandalas. At times the paintings are extremely personal, as Sultan uses the format to unlock inner feelings and emotions.

The mandalas in this book represent a lifetime of work.

Henry Sultan was never a hippie, he just looked like one. Sultan began painting mandalas (magic circles) during his final year as a graduate student, in 1967. He calls his work “Art of the Mandala” because though it is spiritual-based, it’s about color, composition, and a sense of creating a space using the universal symbol of a circle. Through his history of painting he has always followed the spiritual wisdom of John Gruenwald: “What’s the difference between an artist and a dog? Eventually, the dog stops whining.”

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